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Birmingham (R-U)


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Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, has been a thriving hub of innovation and design since the 1700s. The development of the industrial steam engine in 1776 by Birmingham-based engineers James Watt and Matthew Boulton paved the way for manufacturing in the Midlands to this day. Birmingham’s core industries, such as automotive, food and drink, and manufacturing, have evolved over time but the industrial heart of the Midlands region is still present. Birmingham’s three Universities and their world-leading research institutions ensure that Birmingham continues to remain forward looking, developing ideas for the future.

Marks & Clerk was founded as a firm in Birmingham in 1887. Since that day the office has expanded to provide specialist intellectual property services support businesses of all shapes and sizes, from blue-chip companies to SMEs to entrepreneurs. The Marks & Clerk team have the skills and experience to support specific commercial needs of all types of commercial organisation.

Over the last century Marks & Clerk has developed particular strength in hi-tech sectors in the Midlands, including: automotive, life sciences, chemical, electrical, food and drink, manufacturing, and mechanical. 

Marks & Clerk Birmingham has outstanding links with the academic institutions in the region. Bridging the gap between academic and commercial, attorneys advise inventors, guide spin-outs and assist tech transfer departments to maximise the value of their IP. The office invests in the development of spin-outs by sponsoring and supporting the e4f business incubator and Innovation Birmingham generally. 

Marks & Clerk Birmingham is proud to be an active member of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, and is always keen to support local businesses, both in the UK, and more broadly through the international network of Marks & Clerk offices. We understand that the role of a patent attorney is not just to obtain and protect rights for you, but to provide commercial input, and advise you on how you can use Intellectual Property to increase the value of your business.

The office is located in the heart of Birmingham city centre, opposite the new Library of Birmingham, and is easily accessible with national and international transport links.

Marks & Clerk Birmingham (R-U)
Alpha Tower
Suffolk Street Queensway
B1 1TT

Tel: +44 121 643 5881
Fax: +44 121 606 4766

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