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Ottawa is located in an area known as the National Capital region of Canada, which is the home of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Aside from being Canada’s capital city, Ottawa boasts a thriving electronics, telecommunications, and software sector in its West End, and is also home of the National Research Council of Canada, a world-class research organisation that has been responsible for a number of ground-breaking discoveries.

The Canadian office of Marks & Clerk is the oldest non-UK Marks & Clerk business, having been established in 1921. Currently, Marks & Clerk Canada has both a large downtown office and a smaller satellite office located in the West End of Ottawa, to better serve local clients. With a complement of approximately 60 persons, Marks & Clerk Canada offers a full spectrum of technical expertise in respect of its patent team, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors, telecommunications and software, as well as a highly experienced trade mark team offering prosecution, opposition and litigation services, to clients ranging in size from multinational corporations to family businesses.

Marks & Clerk
40 Torphichen Street
Edinburgh EH3 8JB

Edinburgh BioQuarter
Nine, Edinburgh BioQuarter
9 Little France Road
Edimbourg EH16 4UX

Tel: +44 131 221 7000
Fax: +44 131 221 7010

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