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Hong Kong (Chine)


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Centrally located in East Asia and with a vast industrial hinterland on the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong is an established global hub for business, finance and trade. The city has a modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan service-based economy and is a centre for manufacturing networks in the region and beyond.

Established in 1984, Marks & Clerk Hong Kong is one of the oldest specialist intellectual property practices in Hong Kong. In November 2007, Marks & Clerk merged its business with the Lloyd Wise Group giving the combined firms unparalleled representation and resources in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and South-East Asia.

Hong Kong's wealth is founded on its highly favourable geographical position and entrepôt trading opportunities. The local population is skilled, adaptable, and adheres to ethics which foster a diligent and creative workforce. The adoption of modern western business methods and technology promises profitable returns on external trade and investment. This naturally creates a demand for protection of creativity and goodwill for a broad base of local, regional and international clients.

To meet this demand, Marks & Clerk Hong Kong has the largest team in Hong Kong of specialists qualified and experienced in both intellectual property law and technology disciplines. As a sizeable firm, our attorneys have experience addressing complex patent and intellectual property issues and this allow them to offer clients the highest quality services. Our registered patent and trade mark attorneys, also known as patent agents or trade mark agents, are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Furthermore, with extensive and solid associate relationships in other key Asian centres (including Taiwan, Macau, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Indochina) and with offices in Mainland China (Beijing), Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, U.K., Continental Europe and North America, Marks & Clerk is able to assist in protecting inventions, trade marks and designs globally.

Marks & Clerk Hong Kong
Level 9, Cyberport 1
100 Cyberport Road
Pok Fu Lam
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2526 6345, +852 2526 5654
Fax: +852 2810 0791, +852 2868 5438

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