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Toronto (Canada)


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With over one-quarter of Canada’s population living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Toronto is distinguished as the fourth largest city in North America as well as the financial and business capital of Canada. Toronto is also recognized for its diversified strengths in technology, financial services, life sciences, clean-tech and renewable energy innovation, as well as food services, and is home to just over 2 million businesses exporting just over $70 billion in goods and services annually.

With our Toronto office located in the city’s financial and legal district, close to the Ontario and Federal Courts and the offices of many of Canada’s largest business enterprises, our highly experienced team of lawyers, patent and trademark agents, have in depth experience in all IP-related services including patent, trademark and copyright law as well as IP litigation.

Our Toronto office has a robust domestic and international client base which include multinationals, small corporations, research institutions and individuals. Our extensive knowledge spans across several multifaceted technical disciplines including, electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, computer, packaging and labelling, entertainment and publishing.

Marks & Clerk
100 Simcoe Street
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3G2

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