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Oxford (R-U)


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Oxford has long been recognised for the academic excellence of its Universities, and is now also known for successful automotive, healthcare, bioscience and publishing sectors.

The Oxford practice has been established for over 15 years and has recently moved to larger premises to accommodate our growing team. We work with a variety of companies and industries ranging from small, local start-ups and university spin-outs to large, overseas organisations. Many of our attorneys are multi-lingual, which benefits our clients as they look to expand internationally or liaise with third parties.

Our patent attorneys have a diverse range of industry experience and knowledge, and specialise in the fields of electronics, software, telecommunications, photonics and oil & gas. Our trade mark attorneys advise a wide selection of clients ranging from publishers to production companies along with numerous household names.

We work with several local initiatives that encourage growth for start-ups and SMEs, including the governments’ Growth Accelerator program. We also contribute towards local industry reports such as the Oxfordshire Innovation Engine, and provide professional commentary to publications such as The Oxford Times.

As part of our efforts to streamline communication with clients and improve our green credentials, our office has successfully moved to paperless working, using a workflow model which will be used in the evaluation of a standard policy across the firm.

Marks & Clerk Oxford (R-U)
Fletcher House (2nd Floor)
Heatley Road
The Oxford Science Park

Tel: +44 1865 397900
Fax: +44 1865 397919

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